Our Mission

We strive to cultivate a magical atmosphere that fosters creativity, confidence, excitement, and technique.

Meet The Team

Miranda Holland

Co-Owner & Creative Director

Miranda has over 14 years of dance experience. She was also a member of her high school drill team, and was selected to perform on the select kick line and dance team. She enjoys working with dancers and helping them reach their goals while also building confidence and self-esteem.


Miranda is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Kinesiology at The University of North Texas, where she is specializing in youth physical activity, supportive physical activity environments, and brain compatible dance education. She seeks to combine her expertise in Kinesiology with dance in order to better help dancers succeed in their training and performance through proper nutrition, stretching, and strength training.

Miranda is certified as a Barre Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and she is certified in CPR/First Aid. She is a member of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) and the Dance Council of North Texas. She continues her dance education through classes, workshops, and intensives. 

Amanda Walker


Co-Owner & Operations Director

Amanda Walker has been in a leadership role with every studio that her 5 daughters have attended since 2004. From 2009-2017, she assisted in building, systemizing and supporting a thriving dance studio in Hamilton, Montana. With years of experience behind the scenes, in bookkeeping, fundraising, local performances, recitals, and competitions, she brings stability and business knowledge to Ruby Slippers Dance Co. Starting a dance studio in the sweet town of Ponder was a no-brainer, as she still has 3 active daughters at home who thrive in this realm of self-expression.


Amanda is also the founder and owner of Whole Brain Gym, a multi-sensory in-at-home, school or in-center program that helps improve behavior, attention and cognitive abilities by strengthening the Vestibular (balance) system. Most recently, she has been installing Whole Brain Sensory Pathways in local Elementary schools to give students and teachers another tool to succeed. Amanda has a deep love for movement and the power it has to develop the brain, lighten the heart and strengthen the soul.

Bella Phillips



Bella Phillips is originally from Fort Worth and currently lives in Denton where she is a student at UNT. She has studied dance since she was 3 and performed on a competitive dance team while in middle and high school. She has taken courses in tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern, and contemporary from instructors in Fort Worth and Denton and master classes in Los Angeles.


She currently performs K-Pop cover dances around the North Texas area and continues her study of dance any opportunity she has. She is very excited to share her love for dance with the students of Ruby Slippers Dance Company.

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